U.S. firms based in Ireland are struggling to fill over 2,000 vacancies, according to new research.

The latest ‘Workforce Activation’ survey from the American Chamber of Commerce showed that 90 percent of companies were eager to recruit skilled employees. Some 109 firms took part in the survey. The research also found that 30 percent of advertised vacancies are taking more than three months to fill.

The are currently almost 100,000 people directed employed in over 6,000 U.S. firms in Ireland.

Over 800 graduates were hired by the organization’s affiliated members in 2010. This figure is expected to rise by over 20 percent to just under 1000 this year.

Gerard Kilcommins, the Chamber’s president said the survey showed the multinational sector remained strong in Ireland but he warned against potential employment legislation that could affect the flexibility of the labor force.

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