In honor of Cork Rebel Week (October 14th - 20th), organizers are distributing a special rebel county passport.

Since the news of an official Cork passport hit the headlines some months back, Cork people across the globe have given a fantastic response with over 3000 rebel passports already issued and a further 7000 up for grabs.

Cork’s singer songwriter, John Spillane, became the first Corkonian to be presented with an official rebel passport to help launch the project which is part of The Gathering 2013’s call for fellow Corkonians all over the world and at home to celebrate their home county.

So far, the events scheduled for ‘Rebel Week’ include a commemoration of the birth of revolutionary leader, Michael Collins, on October 16, and a Cork Global Economic Forum & Networking Event which will feature international business figures with Cork links on October 17-18. The full line-up of events is to be released soon and will be supported by such businesses as Bord Gais and Cork Airport.

Returning Leesiders will qualify for a passport by providing proof of international travel while Corkonians in Ireland will have to earn theirs through a points system. Those returning home will be able to display their passports proudly while taking a stroll over the Shakey Bridge, “Doing Pana” or sinking a pint of Murphy’s in Bantry Bay during the first ever festival dedicated to the People’s Republic of Cork.

Organiser of Cork Rebel Week Padraic O’Kane said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to produce a Cork Rebel Week passport which is a fantastic element to our festival. The passport has been generating a serious buzz since the concept first appeared in the media some months back. The idea of a passport certainly appeals to Corkonians’ infamous separatist tendencies. We are sending out a clarion call to Cork people everywhere to come home for Rebel Week. Don’t miss out on this great offers and unique memento which celebrates all that is great about Cork. Dowtcha boi!”

You can sign up for your own rebel county passport here.