Joseph Kennedy III, the son of former congressman Joe Kennedy, is being tipped to launch a political career soon as insiders mull over who the next Kennedy in public life will be.

Kennedy, 29, may be interested in the South Shore-Cape Cod House seat currently held by Democratic Congressman Bill Delahunt, who has not yet committed to a tough re-election fight.

“Massachusetts – and Capitol Hill – without a Kennedy is like Fenway Park without the Wall,’’ Dan Payne, a Democratic media consultant, referring to the famous Green Monster told the Boston Globe. “They were meant to be together.’’

Others believe the era may be over. “There’s an endless supply of Kennedys but they all do different things with their lives,’’ said Philip W. Johnston, chairman of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. “They should not be measured by how they do in electoral politics.’’

Joseph P. Kennedy III is a Harvard Law School graduate and former Peace Corps volunteer, is seen as the most likely, Democratic Party insiders say. He has made numerous appearances at Democratic party events and has expressed the most interest in seeking office. He is currently an assistant district attorney in Barnstable County. His brother Matthew Kennedy is working in the Obama administration but is said to be more interested in a business career.

Other possibilities for politics include Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki who is said to still be furious about the loss of her husband's senate seat to Scott Brown, while Patrick Kennedy has not ruled out another run for office.

Joseph Kennedy III