The father of an Irish toddler, who will spend Christmas in an induced coma in Boston, has arrived in the U.S. to spend the holidays with his family.

Dubliner Eddie Madden said goodbye to his partner Esti and their twin daughters Elie and Emie last month when they were flown to the U.S. by the Air Corps in the Government jet.

Elie Madden is currently undergoing treatment in Boston Children’s Hospital, for a rare digestive disorder, which means she cannot eat, drink, or swallow.

Speaking to the Irish Times before his departure, he said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing them all as I miss them terribly,”

"Christmas Day will be in the hospital," he said.

Elie's condition, known as severe posterior tracheomalacia and long-gap oesophageal atresia, resulted in a 5cm gap between her oesophagus and stomach. Her twin, Emie, was born in good health. The twin sisters celebrated their first birthday in October.


Irish tot undergoes life changing surgery in Boston

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Irish tot Boston bound for life changing surgery

Since arriving in Boston, doctors have placed the toddler in an induced coma to allow her oesophagus to grow – a procedure known as Foker’s technique.

“Dr Foker, who developed the treatment response, has come out of retirement to assist with a number of medical teams,” Eddie Madden told the Irish Times.

"They've uncovered a few more complications with her. They have shortened the gap from 5cm to 2cm. However, there are now problems with her trachea and larynx." he told the Irish Independent.

“Elie will be in her sleep state on Christmas Day, and we have no idea how long this will last,” he added.

“The alternative for Elie is a lifetime of medical complications,” he said.

"We'll try and have as normal a Christmas as possible," Eddie concluded.

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