The Irish Post, the national newspaper for Irish people in Britain, has produced a special “thank you” issue this week to celebrate a year since its return to the newsstands.

The paper, closed down by previous owners Thomas Crosbie Holdings in August 2011, spent eight weeks out of business before it was saved by a determined nationwide campaign led by leading political and community groups as well as the paper’s staff.

It was bought and relaunched by London-based Cork businessman Elgin Loane and this week, one year on almost to the day, it celebrates with a 64-page issue.

And, true to its campaigning history, the paper’s front page lead carries the news that its fund-raising drive to buy a minibus for British-based Irish charity the Aisling Project has hit its £28,000 target.

“We are absolutely delighted that our one year back on the streets coincided with us hitting our fund-raising target for the Aisling charity,” said chief executive Niamh Kelly, “It illustrates why The Post is such an important part of life for Irish people in Britain.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the Irish community – and our friends in Britain - who have supported us during the last year.”

Well-wishers contributing to the anniversary issue included well-known figures from the Irish Ambassador Bobby McDonagh to X-Factor judge Louis Walsh.

And the paper also reflected on the year with a series of pages showing the news and sports stories that made the headlines.

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