The teen lover of Iris Robinson had to pretend he had testicular cancer to get away from her, it has been revealed.

Kirk McAmbley broke off his relationship with Mrs. Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland's First Minster Peter Robinson, after telling her he had the cancer and could no longer have sex with her.

Robinson had been insatiable, bombarding the young man with texts, love letters, phone calls and emails, the Irish Independent reveals.

McAmbley had a teenage girlfriend at the time and was in deep stress after his father's death.

After he broke off with her, Robinson became deeply hostile to him and demanded that he return the money she had loaned to him.

She gave him $100,000 in all, a sum she had acquired from two businessmen, and he had to sell half of his interest in the restaurant before he started to pay her off.

Northern Irish police may decide to prosecute Mrs. Robinson over the terms of the lease she acquired for McAmbley on the restaurant premises he bought. The lease was provided by Castlereagh City Council, of which Mrs. Robinson was a member.

However, her mental health may prevent any prosecution. She is in 'acute psychiatric care,' according to her husband Peter Robinson.