In news that will be greeted with great relief on both sides of the political divide, Senator Ted Kennedy’s cancer is in full remission and he will be back to work after the Memorial Weekend break.

Senator Harry Reid spoke to Kennedy’s wife, and she told him of the good news.
“As far as I know it is, yes,” was how Reid responded to a reporter when asked if Kennedy’s cancer was in remission.
“He's doing fine. He's going through another regimen of treatment, which is not unusual,” continued the Nevada senator. "This is something that was expected. He wanted to have the treatment next week. They had to move it up a week, as I understand it.”

There had been fears that Kennedy was losing his battle with cancer, and those fears only grew worse after the nine- term senator took ill at the inauguration of President Obama on January 20.
But it would seem that you just cannot keep this Kennedy down, and his voice will be heard loud and clear when he returns to Capitol Hill in early June.
Kennedy was rushed to hospital in Cape Cod on May 17, 2008 and two days later it was revealed that he had a malignant brain tumor.
He underwent surgery on June 2 to have it removed, but the prognosis was not positive.
However, just over one year after he fell ill, Kennedy has been given the all clear to fully resume his political career.