Edward M. Kennedy Jr is ready to follow his late father into the Senate according to reports in Massachusetts.

The Boston Herald reports that the Kennedy name could return once President Obama appoints U.S. Sen John Kerry as Secretary of State.

That move would allow Kennedy Jr to contest the Senate special election.

Edward M. Kennedy Jr. has already been approached by several people and asked to run.

The paper reports that he is keen on the idea and will make a decision once Kerry’s move allows for a special election.

A source told the paper: “Several people have approached (Kennedy) about running. They are all mindful that his name is Edward M. Kennedy.”

The report states that if Teddy Jr. runs, it will be the first time the Edward M. Kennedy name has been on the ballot since the liberal lion last ran in 2006.

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The writer speculates that three years after his father died, Teddy Kennedy Jr. would likely clear the Democratic field.

Current U.S. representatives Edward Markey, Michael Capuano and Steven Lynch all are considering contesting the election with U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and Attorney General Martha Coakley other potential Democratic candidates.

Party leaders however are concerned that no candidate other than Kennedy Jr is strong enough to beat Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

Sen Brown remains hugely popular in the Bay State even though he lost the recent election to Elizabeth Warren.

Kennedy Jr only fuelled rumors about his political ambitions during an interview with the Herald at the Democratic convention when he said: “Hopefully one day I’ll have the honor to serve.”

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