An Irish government politician has claimed One Direction star Niall Horan as a Labor Party supporter.

Westmeath based deputy Willie Penrose has confirmed that the heartthrob signed posters for him on a recent visit home for his brother’s wedding.

The Irish Sun has published photos of the 19-year-old Horan  and says he looked every inch a politician signing posters for Penrose, a long-time friend of the Horan family.

The Labor Party deputy confirmed that Horan canvassed for him just days before auditioning for The X Factor in 2010.

He told the Irish Sun: “I know Niall and the Horans very well and have done for many years.

“His father is a member of the Labour Party and is very involved at local level.

“He was home for his brother’s wedding a few weeks back and we managed to meet up.

“He came and signed autographs for absolutely everyone, he couldn’t have been any nicer.

“He’s obviously a big hero to all the local kids but he doesn’t think he’s a superstar or anything, far from it.

“He made time for absolutely everyone he could, even though he only had a few hours to himself.

“He was signing autographs for people’s relatives and posing for pictures.

“He’s still the same Niall from home and he’s very proud of Mullingar.

“It’s fantastic to see him representing his home county on the world stage.”

Labor stalwart Penrose plans to invite the boybander for a tour of the government buildings at Leinster House.

Deputy Penrose said: “Niall hasn’t changed a bit, he’s still the same Niall who used to canvass for me.

“He was out handing out flyers the week before he auditioned for X Factor, that’s the kind of normal, down-to-earth lad he is.

“Fame hasn’t changed him and it won’t.

“His father is a Labour man and so are many of his family, they are all Labour through-and-through.

“I’d love to give him a tour of the Dail someday... schedule permitting.”

Niall Horan (right), Willie Penrose (beige suit), and palsIrish Labour Party/Flickr/Creative Commons