Tayto have launched a brand new limited-edition packet of crisps ahead of the holiday season in Ireland and we can't wait to try them. 

Ireland's most famous crisp company has released a festive turkey and stuffing flavor, taking inspiration from Christmas dinners around the country. 

Tayto turkey and stuffing will be avaiable in Irish retailers throughout the festive period and will come in a share pack, the crisp company confirmed on Thursday.

Mr. Tayto, the popular mascot that represents the brand, said in a statement that the company didn't need to look far for inspiration for their latest experimental crisp flavor. 

"We all know Christmas dinners are the stuff(fing) of legend, so I didn't have to look too far for inspiration," Mr. Tayto said in a statement on Twitter. 

"The Turkey, the stuffing and all of those potatoes (mashed, roasted AND croquettes!), you can't beat it!

''I hope you all enjoy my festive flavor." 

I’ve been busy in the kitchen working on a LIMITED EDITION FLAVOUR to mark the most flavoursome and wonderful time of the year! Turkey and Stuffing!🎄

I hope you all enjoy my new, festive flavour 🤗#Tayto pic.twitter.com/40GrTK2s7d

— Mr.Tayto Ireland (@MrTaytoIreland) November 19, 2020

This is not the first time Tayto have released an unconventional flavor of crisps. 

Earlier this year, the company released a highly divisive bacon and cabbage flavor ahead of St. Patrick's Day in celebration of one of Ireland's most popular dishes. 

In 2018, meanwhile, Tayto released a "spice bag" flavor crisp much to the delight of crisp-lovers across Ireland. 

Based on a popular delicacy sold in Chinese takeaways across Ireland, Tayto's spice bag crisps combined salt and chilli chicken with fries and vegetables to create a delicious crisp.

Tayto also released a curry chip and hot wings favor last year, while they released a beef stew edition earlier this year.