This Chicago baby lives with a rare genetic condition called “Uncombable Hair Syndrome.”

There are only about 100 people worldwide with "Uncombable Hair Syndrome" - one of whom is 20-month-old Taylor McGowan.

The tot's parents Tom and Cara had assumed that her distinctive hair was simply baby peach fuzz.

The rare genetic condition causes a disorder of the  hair shaft - resulting in silvery blond or straw-colored hair that is easily damaged and unable to lie flat. 

The gorgeous Taylor McGowan.

The gorgeous Taylor McGowan.

Her parents received confirmation of the diagnosis after sending blood samples to an expert in Germany.

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"I was concerned she would face a life of bullying, adversity, maybe be made fun of at school,” Cara said. 

In order to raise awareness and educate people on UHS, she set up a Facebook page called “Baby Einstein 2.0”.

(Image via Facebook)

(Image via Facebook)

However, she admitted there has been some nasty instances and rude comments made towards the adorable infant.

"You can hear whispers…oh my god, look at her hair and oh how fluffy, did you stick your fingers in a light socket, that was a good one when we were out eating at a restaurant,” Cara said.

Cara added that Taylor is a "perfectly healthy baby" who brings great joy to the family's life. 

Cara and Taylor (Image via Facebook)

Cara and Taylor (Image via Facebook)

Other similarities to Einstein: Taylor is smart and already has more than 200 words in her vocabulary. She is a perfectly healthy baby who brings smiles wherever she goes and loves flowers.

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