Tax cheat TD Mick Wallace has been forced to skip the European Championships in Poland – and explain himself to the Irish parliament in Dublin.

The controversial Wexford TD (member of parliament) faces political ruin after admitting he cheated the Irish taxman out of almost $3 milllion in a property deal.

Wallace is the founder of the Wexford Youths side that plays in the League of Ireland and is a close friend of Irish striker Kevin Doyle whose career he helped to launch.

The Independent deputy was due to travel to Poland on Friday, just 24 hours after admitting he underpaid tax on a block of apartments he built and sold in Dublin.

Now Wallace has been forced to cancel his plans for the soccer trip of a lifetime and instead will look to explain himself to the Dail, Ireland’s parliament, on Tuesday.

In a statement, Wallace again stated that he has no intention of resigning as a deputy.

“I will seek permission to clarify my position over my under-declaration of VAT,” he wrote.

“I will write to Ceann Comhairle (leader of the house) Seán Barrett tomorrow asking to be allowed to address TDs on Tuesday afternoon.

“My intention, for the sake of my constituents and civilians generally, is to clarify my position in relation to my taxation issues and how I propose to continue to serve them in Dáil Éireann.”

Many deputies have reacted to Wallace’s admission by demanding his resignation from the parliament.

Tipperary South Independent TD Seamus Healy called on Wallace to resign immediately.

Healy, of the Workers and Unemployed Action Group, said: “His tax affairs are completely and absolutely wrong and unacceptable.

“He should pay his tax bill in full. We cannot have double standards. There must not be one law for TDs and another for ordinary citizens.

“I believe Deputy Wallace’s position is incompatible with his continued membership of Dáil Éireann and that he should resign.”

Wallace will find out on Wednesday if he is to be investigated by fellow deputies.

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