The Syrian Government has ordered a block on text messages that contain politically sensitive terms, using technology devised by a Dublin based company, according to Bloomberg sources.

Bloomberg reports that Syria’s largest mobile phone operator Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA is using Cellusys Ltd, a privately held company in Dublin, to help to filter text messages that contain  sensitive terms such as “revolution” or “demonstration”.

Sources told Bloomberg that a unit of Syrian intelligence apparatus, known as “Branch 225,” often issues instructions on which messages to sensor.
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In addition, another Irish company, AdaptiveMobile Security Ltd, which is also based in Dublin, has provided MTN Syria, Syria’s second largest mobile operator, with filtering technology. AdaptiveMobile executives declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg.

Political opposition groups say that the sensor ship of text messages has curbed protesters’ abilities to utilize technology as an aide to fuel dissent.

When AdaptiveMobile CEO Brian Collins was questioned by Bloomberg, he responded saying that the information was incorrect.