Read more: Swine flu in Ireland rises threefold

Two small children have died of the H1N1 virus in Northern Ireland in the last few days.  A baby boy, who was 10 months old and had suffered other health issues, succumbed to the flu.

Another male toddler, 2, also died of the virus, but his family have kept his medical history private, so it is now known is he had other medical problems.

The latest deaths means takes the numbers of swine flu deaths in the North to 19 so far.

The virus has claimed two lives so far in the Republic Infection rates have gone up almost 100 percent in the past seven days.

According to the chief medical officer at the Department of Health, Dr. Tony Holohan, the rate of infection was at a rate of 204 cases per 100,000, up from 109 cases from the previous seven days.

One of the major reasons for the hike in infections was attributed to people’s reticence to report their illness over the Christmas break.

Read more: Swine flu in Ireland rises threefold

The swine flu virus under the microscope