The freed suspected serial killer Larry Murphy has fled Ireland and relocated to Spain using his new driver's license and passport.

Murphy served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for the kidnapping, repeated rape and attempted murder of a Carlow business woman. While behind bars he refused to participate in any treatment or cooperate with police investigations. He did, however, apply for a new passport and driver's license.

Freed in early August, he is suspected to have connections to six other women's disappearances including that of New Yorker, Annie McCarrick.
It has been reported that he has made the decision to move abroad because of the media and public interest in his location. It is believed that he has already left Ireland.

He is classed, by officials, as a "high risk" sex offender. Under the Irish law, Sex Offenders Act 2001, he is obliged to inform the Irish police if he leaves the country. He will also have to inform the Spanish police of his arrival.