The man suspected of murdering Irish journalist Veronica Guerin is to be extradited to England from Amsterdam a court ruled this week.

John Traynor, a convicted Dublin criminal who was a member of John Gilligan's gang, absconded from Ireland only days after Guerin was murdered in cold blood in Dublin.

He is now expected to serve out the remainder of a seven-year sentence on fraud charges in Amsterdam.

Traynor, 62, is nicknamed "The Coach."

It is expected that Traynor, who was illegally living in Holland, will now serve up to five years in prison in England.

He was captured in a joint Dutch-British police operation formed solely to bring down organized crime gangs.

Police in Ireland are anxious to question Traynor in relation to Guerin's murder but won't get that opportunity because he is being extradited to England.

Traynor was jailed in England in 1991 on similar fraud charges.

He was granted home leave to visit family in Ireland and never returned to complete his sentence.

Traynor had been a contact of Veronica Guerin for about 18 months before she was killed.