The Irish Cancer Society’s website crashed on Friday night after a cancer sufferer Majella O'Donnell had her head shaved live on TV for charity.

"The flood of goodwill after Majella on the Late Late Show has crashed our text and website," the charity explained.

The businesswoman and wife of renowned Irish country singer Daniel O’Donnell got a standing ovation from the Late Late Show audience after she shaved her head for the charity live on the popular talk show.

"Am I better bald," she joked to host Ryan Tubridy.

The 53-year-old stressed to Tubridy she was there to raise funds to combat the disease.

“Having spoken to Daniel, we agreed that we would like to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds. We were both delighted when The Late Late Show and Ryan agreed to facilitate our request.”

The Tipperary native, who has two children Siobhan, 22, and Michael, 25, from a previous marriage has just started chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.
She told the host she cannot pray for herself as it makes her think too much.

"I can't pray for myself because I can't think about it that much. I can't sit down and say 'God help me' becuase I don't feel that I need help. I can't explain it and if it was a friend of mine diagnosed with cancer I'd be praying for them but I can't seem to do it for myself.

"I know that so many people are praying for me and that amount of power creates power.

"I'm only speaking for myself...I don't feel sick," she told Tubridy explaining that feeling good might not last.

John McCormack, chief executive of the Irish Cancer Society said: “Majella is extremely brave to take the huge step of shaving her hair on national television.”

He added: “Losing your hair to cancer treatment can be a devastating time for many women, as can proactively shaving your hair.

“The Irish Cancer Society fully support Majella and I personally commend her for bringing light onto such a painful time in her life, in doing this Majella will help other people out there now with breast cancer know that they are not going through this alone.”