Support for the Fiscal Treaty referendum is growing according to the latest opinion polls – as former Presidential election candidate Declan Ganley confirmed he will campaign for a no vote.

Ganley, founder of the right wing Libertas movement, has told the Sunday Business Post and Irish national radio station RTE that he campaigning against the Treaty.

The Business Post has outlined the results of its latest opinion poll which shows support for the Treaty, to be held at the end of the month, has risen six points to 53 per cent.

The results were released in the same edition of the paper where Ganley outlined his opposition to the Treaty, a stance he re-affirmed on Irish radio on Sunday morning.

He told RTE: “It would be irrational to vote ‘Yes’ to bank debt that we have no moral responsibility for. There be no economic recovery without such a deal on bank debt which is not in this Treaty.

“I was undecided on the referendum and wanted to wait to allow European partners to respond to calls for a deal on bank debt. In the absence of a deal, I am now advocating a ‘No’ vote.”

The Fine Gael-led Coalition government has welcomed the latest opinion poll results with 53 per cent of the poll’s respondents saying they plan to vote in support of the treaty, up six per cent on the last poll.

The new Red C poll also shows that 31 per cent say they intend to vote ‘no’, down 4 per cent, and 16 per cent say they are ‘undecided’, down 2 per cent.

If the undecideds are excluded, the poll shows 63 per cent support for ‘yes’ and 37 per cent for ‘no’.

Government Minister and Fine Gael Director of Elections Simon Coveney said: “While the poll is encouraging, we are in no way complacent.

“Fine Gael looks forward to redoubling its efforts to make sure that the people are fully informed before they vote in this important referendum on 31 May.”

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