The stray bull phenomenon has spread to the county town of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland.

Police officers attending a minor traffic accident in the Fermanagh suburbs discovered a bull going for a walk.

Stunned onlookers stood back as the bull escaped from a trailer and went for a walk through the picturesque town.

The bull slowly ambled around local houses, trampling over gardens and flowerbeds along a busy road before stopping at a cottage and staring in the front window.

The police, alerted to the bull as they attended the traffic accident, kept a discreet watch on the bull before giving chase when it galloped away.

Local resident Ray Bell described the incident when he told the Irish Independent: “I saw him coming out, and he ran straight into a garden opposite my house.”

Neighbor Ann Maguire revealed: “At the cottage, it was standing in front of the door just looking in at itself, admiring itself in the door - it was so funny.”

Police eventually caught the bull who was returned to his owner unharmed.