The Statue of Liberty is set to reopen to the public on the the 4th of July this year, however, city officials have revealed that it is uncertain when Ellis Island will reopen.

Yesterday, Secretary for the Interior, Ken Salazar, along with New York Senator Chuck Schumer, announced that, due to the great progress made after the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, the statue will reopen on July 4th of this year.

According to the Associated Press, around 3.7 million people visited the statue in 2011, making it the 19th most visited national park, the Daily Mail reveals. Stressing the importance of the statue for the city’s tourism, Senator Chuck Schumer said that, “Being open for the summer tourism season isn't just important symbolically, it's a boon to the city's economy and businesses, as the statue attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to our shores.”

By July 4th, the Statue of Liberty will have been closed for nearly eight months due to the storm. The resultant renovations, which include another 39 steps, upgraded bathrooms and air conditioning, will enable a further 26,000 people to reach the statue’s crown in safety and comfort each year.

However, for those who can’t wait until then to see the famous landmark, another option is available. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, New York’s oldest and largest provider of scheduled and chartered sightseeing and special function cruises, offers several ways to experience Lady Liberty while it is closed says Vice President Kari Neering. “Seeing the statue up close is on the check-list for nearly everyone visiting New York City, especially during the spring and summer and, although many people may not be aware, it’s still possible thanks to Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises.”


Damage around the Statue of Liberty is evident after Hurricane SandyGoogle images