John O’Malley got the rub of the green twice on March 17 when a festive round of gold turned into  a nine and half million to one  day. His feat has just been officially recognized.

Those are the lofty odds of having two holes in one during one round of golf, but that is exactly what the Charlotte, N.C. native did when he holed his tee shots at the par 3 12th and 17th holes at his local Ballantyne Country Club.

The 13 handicapper did not see his first effort go in , it was only when his playing partner informed him his ball was in the cup did it register that he had his first ever hole in one.  The 55-year-old would wait just a few holes more to get his second.  This time he saw his 100-yard nine iron all the way into the hole for the most unlikely of doubles.

O’Malley was playing with two friends who meet annually to watch college basketball and play a little golf.  The ritual of buying everyone a drink at the bar afterwards was not as expensive as many were elsewhere celebrating the other big occasion of the day.

“It really wasn’t that crowded in the bar because people were out at other places on St. Patty’s Day,” O’Malley told the Delco Times. “It was a good evening.”


John O'Malley scored a double hole in oneGoogle Images