In Ireland spring officially begins on February 1st, St. Brigid’s Day, but so far this year the island has experience record low temperatures continuing into April.

Met Éireann, Ireland’s state meteorological services, found that March was the coldest month on in Ireland’s history, on record. On Wednesday, April 4th, Met Éireann forecast temperatures of between 42F and 50F. However in the northernmost county of Ireland Donegal had forecast of 12F.

Speaking to Deirdre Lowe, meteorologist explained that “skies were clear overnight, which resulted in a drop and it will be similar again tonight”.

These low temperatures are continuing to affect farmers as the growth of grass and crops is stunted. However Lowe said by this weekend warmer temperatures can be expected and conditions will improve.

March was a cold month all across Europe with arctic air and heavy snowfall,  more typical of January, being the norm.

The United Kingdom’s Met Office reported that they had their coldest March since 1962 and the fourth coldest March since 1910.

Ireland’s state meteorological services, found parts of Ireland experienced coldest April in 24 yearsGeoffrey Swaine / Rex Features