Kentucky native Virginia Runge lived her life to the full until her dying days. The eccentric grandmother of nine was fond of sky-diving, traveling, and adding a little something special to her oatmeal every morning - Bailey’s Irish cream.

At the tender age of 85, Runge planned her first sky-driving trip. She completed two more after that - one while she was 87, another at 89 - and was gearing up for another one at 91 years old, despite doctors warnings.

“I've been blessed so much. I really have,” Runge told WDRB while planning her fourth dive at the age of 91.


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“It still scares me but you get over it,” she said of skydiving. “As soon as that parachute opens, you're just going to float on down.”

Unfortunately, just a few months before her scheduled fourth sky-dive, the Bailey’s-sneaking grandmother succumbed to the glaucoma and cancer she was ailing from.

She’s remembered with warmth and laughter by her remaining family.

“You just can’t live day by day, that’s very boring,” said the late Virginia Runge.

Here, watch a video of Runge skydiving at 89 years old in Kentucky: