SEE PHOTOS - Photo gallery of the crash site

A plane with 10 passengers and two crew members on board has crashed at Cork Airport. Six passengers are confirmed dead and six others have been rushed to hospital, four with serious injuries.

The Irish Times reported that four people were seen walking from wreckage.

The Manx 2 airline Metroliner SW4 from Belfast to Cork airport had tried to land three times in poor visibility but crashed.

All roads leading to the airport have been closed to facilitate emergency services.The fire has now  been put out on the runway.

Shortly after the crash the Irish Aviation Authority commented: "No details of injuries or fatalities are available. The aircraft made an approach to Runway 17 in low vis conditions (Category 2) and went around and did not land and attempted a second  landing on Runway 35.

The aircraft then went around a second time and came back for an approach to Runway 17. On the second approach to Runway 17 the aircraft crashed adjacent to Taxiway C. Rescue and  Fire crew are in attendance. 

There is a fire and debris has been scattered onto the runway and over a wide area."

The accident will be investigated by the Air Accident Unit of the Dept. of Transport. 

Manx 2 is a commuter airline based in the Isle of Man which flies between smaller destinations in Britain and Ireland.

SEE PHOTOS - Photo gallery of the crash site

Firefighters work to control the site of the crash at Cork airport