Thomas Murphy brother of suspected serial killer Larry Murphy has denied that he will give his brother shelter, admitting that he never wants to see him again.

Murphy is the leading suspect in the disappearance of Annie Mccarrick, a 26-year-old Long Island girl living in Ireland who disappeared in 1993.

He is also suspected in the disappearance of several othe ryoung women in his local area. He was eventually caught while trying to rape a woman but is now due for release in August.

Thomas - Larry’s brother - says that he’s received threats from locals that his house will be torched if he agrees to harbour Larry.

"He is my brother but I wish he wasn't. There is nothing I can do about that," said Thomas, denying reports that he was planning to take Larry in

"Friends told me that there are rumours he is moving back in with me. When I heard this I was in disbelief,” he told Dublin’s Evening Herald newspaper.

"I have told them under no circumstances is he moving back in here.

"I'll refuse him if he arrives on my doorstep. He won't get inside the gate."

Thomas said that was feared that his house was going to be torched after threats to that effect were allegedly made against him: "You're afraid of your life at night. You are terrified you are going to be torched out of your home," he said.

Larry has never received any counselling while in jail and his brother, Thomas, admits that there’s no way anyone can be sure that he won’t re-offend once out of prison.

”I wouldn't say that it is not possible that he will reoffend," admitted his brother.

Thomas admitted that he had visited his brother during his stay at Arbour Hill prison but he stopped once he had learned the truth.

"I have gone to see him. I won't deny that," he said.

"But when I did find out the truth about what happened, it stopped.

"He didn't deny it [the rape of a Carlow businesswoman in 2000], but he would not talk about it to me.

"I asked him a few times and all he ever said was 'I flipped'."

Concerns have been expressed over his release in Wicklow grounded on fears that he will choose to live in the local community.