A protester got very close to Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny at the launch of the government’s plans for the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin last night.

With an alarming lack of security, the protester walked right up to the podium where Kenny was speaking and, documenting the interaction with her camera phone, proceeded to call the Irish leader a “traitor” and a “c**t.” “How did austerity affect you?” she asks, accusing him of “sacrificing your own people.”

Warning: strong language

Kenny continued with his speech and the protester was escorted out of the event about 30 seconds after she began heckling him.

Throughout the event, protesters chanted outside and banged on the walls and windows of the General Post Office building, which was the headquarters of the leaders during the 1916 Rising. They can be heard in the video of remarks by Tanaiste (Deputy PM) Joan Burton.

The Irish public has been protesting the government’s impending addition of water charges, with 120,000 protesters gathering in Dublin recently.