Forecasters have issued a warning about a potential second storm due to hit Northern Ireland on Monday.

The Met Office in the UK has issued a warning about strong winds due to affect parts of Northern Ireland after the weekend.

The warnings come after a ferocious storm bashed Connacht and Ulster where winds of to 145km/h were recorded in Donegal on Thursday.

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Tim Ballisty, a meteorologist at, told the Telegraph: “What is interesting about this next storm is that the huge weather system that slammed into Scotland on Thursday was very constrained, its damage was limited to Scotland.

“However, next week's storm looks likely to cover the whole of the UK, it is tremendously wide and has a much broader scope to it.

“The winds may not be nudging 150mph again but it will certainly produce the same destructive power as Thursday's storm.”

In Ireland, Met Eireann have forecast freezing conditions for over the weekend.