Savita Halappanavar’s husband is to fly to India to explain the outcome of the inquest into her death to her parents – but he will return to live in Ireland.

The Irish Independent reports that Praveen Halappanavar is preparing to return to India to brief his wife’s family on his continuing fight for ‘the truth’ behind her death.

The verdict at the inquest found that the 31-year-old dentist had died from medical misadventure.
The paper says Praveen has ruled out leaving Ireland altogether.

He said: “There are still some questions that need answered. I haven’t got my answers yet.

“I owe it to Savita and I owe it to Savita’s parents to get all the answers and all the truth.”

The report also says that Praveen’s legal team maintained daily contact with Savita’s parents Andaneppa and Akhamahadevi Yalagi during the inquest.

The inquest was told that Praveen had driven Savita’s parents to Dublin to catch a flight home to India on Tuesday, October 23, the day before Savita became gravely ill.

The Yalagis had been in Ireland for 85 days on a 90-day holiday visa and were worried about breaching immigration laws.

In evidence, Praveen told the inquest that Savita had assured her mother and father that she was going to be fine, despite entering her third day in hospital.

One family friend told the Irish Independent: “The visa was running out and it was playing on their minds and, with Savita’s assurances, they decided to return to India.

“It was devastating for them to learn 48 hours later that Savita was in a critical condition.”

Praveen’s solicitor Gerard O’Donnell is to consider taking a case on behalf of Savita and Praveen to the European Court of Human Rights.

The paper says that privately the family have accepted that the Irish Government will not accede to demands for a public inquiry.