The next court date has been set in the case of Lennox, a Belfast dog who was ordered to be put to sleep due to his likeness to a pit-bull.

The seven-year-old American Bull dog Labrador cross was seized by Belfast City Council wardens on May 19, 2010 and has been separated from his owner, Caroline Barnes, since.

In September 2011, Belfast County Court ruled the dog was a danger to the public and should be put to sleep. Lennox’s owner appealed the decision and began a “Save Lennox” campaign which has attracted tens of thousands of supporters around the world.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the case has been listed before the Court of Appeal for mention on April 20 and for hearing on May 24.

A Facebook statement from the Save Lennox campaign on Sunday said: “Our beloved Lennox will turn seven on April 1.

“Lennox was seized nearly two years ago, shortly after he turned five, and it seems an eternity since he's been away from us.

“We love you, Lennox, and are still fighting to get you back home.”

“Thank you for supporting us and standing by our side in this seemingly never-ending journey to get our boy home.

“We are very grateful to the Lennox Army around the world.”

The campaign has asked supporters to send birthday cards for the dog to the office of the Belfast Lord Mayor.

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