Fox Sports international has agreed to buy the Setanta Sports company in the U.S.
Setanta Sports is owned by Leonard Ryan, Michael Rourke and Mark O'Meara. The company was founded first in Britain and Ireland and consequently set up further broadcasting companies in Australia, Canada and the US.
Setanta Sports went into receivership in Briatin last year. However, this did not affect its other foreign operations in North America or Australia.
It is not yet known how much money Fox will pay for Setanta Sports. The last set of accounts published for Setanta Sports North America Ltd were for the year ending December 31st 2006. They had incurred a loss of $10.6million. Only their Canadian operation is thought to be "making money."
Fox and Setanta have shared rights to live sports in the past. Fox had sub licensed English premier league games to Setanta Sports. They also shared rights to show the European Champions League and England's FA Cup.
Setanta had struggled with payments to Fox Sports in the past and Rupert Murdoch's company recently revoked Setanta's right to broadcast European soccer games.
Setanta is still available in over 42 million homes in the US and Caribbean. It is available in both cable and satellite and costs $14.99 a month. The channel typically broadcasts Heineken Cup rugby, GAA, and soccer matches from England, France and Russia.


Irish broadcaster Setanta SportsOwen Humphreys/PA