The man with the US Open trophy safely bolted to his kitchen table simply kept it in the family at Congressional – as he did in the Irish Holywood.

Rory isn’t the only McIlroy with champion status in Holywood golf club as a quick glance around the wall of fame confirmed during his triumphant homecoming on Wednesday.

The bar where his father Gerry once worked one of three jobs to keep his only child in golf balls, features a plaque listing the club champions over the years.

Uncle Colm won the award in 1990. Dad Gerry followed in 1993. Rory matched their achievement in 2005. Colm did it again in 2008.

“My name is there twice and Rory only has the one – but only because he had moved on to bigger and better things,” laughed uncle Colm as the world’s press vied for his attentions.

“We’ve been watching him golf balls since he was three and playing with him since five. By the time he was seven or eight he was starting to beat us.”

“He deserved that win last week and it is only the start of things to come. There’s no knowing how many majors he can win and he will deserve them all.

“Thanks to Rory, life is never going to be the same again for this golf club or for any of us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Not for the first time, McIlroy made sure to thank all those who helped him along the way to Maryland when he returned with the US Open trophy in tow and brought a town to a halt.

He answered every question, signed every autograph, confirmed himself and Holly are an item again, backed Northern Ireland as a potential British Open venue and even expressed the hope that his success can attract a sponsor for the Irish Open at Killarney, if not this year then in the near future.

In the short term he is going to grab some rest, watch some tennis and boxing and then prepare as best he can to see if it will happen all over again at Sandwich in the middle of July.

“It was great to get home on Tuesday night,” admitted McIlroy as the cameras stopped rolling on the hillside course that served as his sporting university for so long.

“All I did on Tuesday was order a Chinese with Holly and my parents and enjoy the moment as I looked forward to getting back into my own bed.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. Even when I woke up yesterday knowing that the trophy was sitting on the kitchen table, it was all very surreal.

“But I know what I have done and I am proud of it. I’m going to enjoy myself now for a few weeks but there’s another Major next month and yes, I do fancy my chances!”

TV graphic of Rory McIlroy at the US OpenCBS