A day before she hanged herself, Mary Richardson Kennedy called Robert F Kennedy Jr to say that 'everything was her fault.'

'She told me that she was sorry for everything. She said that I was right about everything,' Kennedy said in a police statement released this week.

According to the Evening Herald, Kennedy Jr gave his statement to the police the day after his wife died. Mary Richardson Kennedy hanged herself on May 16 in a garage on their Bedford, New York estate.

Much of the file released to the press this week has been blacked out and it is not clear what Mary Kennedy was referring to by 'everything.'

At the time of her death both she and her ex-husband were involved in a divorce and custody battle for their four children.

In his statement to the police Kennedy reportedly said that during their phone conversation on May 15 his wife 'told me that she needed me to take care of her.' He described her as 'a great person' and said he'd known her since she was 14.

An autopsy report showed Mary Kennedy had antidepressants in her system at the time of her death.

In his statement Kennedy described a frantic search for his wife after the housekeeper telephoned, sounding 'very scared' and saying she couldn't find her in the house.

After he searched the attic and the shore of a lake he heard a lot of screaming coming from the garage. Someone told him not to go inside he said, but he did where he saw his wife. The statement adds that Mary Kennedy was found in black gym clothes. Three metal crates and a metal ladder were found on the floor of the garage.