Irish soccer team captain Robbie Keane has spoken of his fears of the London riots spreading to the house he shares with wife Claudine and young son Robert.

The Ireland striker is currently on international duty in Dublin but has watched television football of the riotous scenes across Britain in horror.

Keane plays for the Tottenhan Hotspur club in the centre of the community first hit by the outbreak of violence over the weekend.

He lives in a luxury North London mansion with model Claudine and their young son and fears for the safety of their family home.

Speaking before Wednesday night’s friendly against Croatia, captain Keane said: “I keep checking Sky News to make sure my house is all right.

“It is worrying because my house is five minutes away from the riots.

“It is obviously not nice to see it is fairly close to where I live. I hope it starts to calm down before it gets too stupid; it is already starting to get out of control.”

Rioters in North London have already target the White Hart Lane ground that is home to Keane’s club Spurs.

The planned friendly between England and Holland, scheduled for Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night, was postponed on police orders.

The start of the Premier League season in England this weekend is also under threat as violence spreads across the UK.

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