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Rescued Chilean miner Jose Henriquez will visit Northern Ireland next month as the special guest at an Anglican church event.

The 54-year-old pastor was the twenty fourth man rescued from the collapsed San Jose shaft last October, and he will discuss his 69 day ordeal when he addresses the South American Missions Society Ireland’s gathering on February 4.

Henriquez was one of the 33 Chilean miners trapped 2,300 feet below the earth after a tunnel in the copper and gold mine collapsed. He is expected to recount how each man survived on just two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk and a small amount of peaches every other day until food supplies were finally sent down.

Doctors on the surface put the trapped miners on a careful diet of meat and rice to ensure they were slim enough to fit in the evacuation shaft.

Henriquez, the miners pastor, saw his duty as providing inspiration to the other men. He organized daily prayers to help them keep their hope alive.

Geoff Hamilton, the organizer of the event, told the press he hoped the visit would prove inspirational.

"It is absolutely fantastic to get Jose over here," Hamilton said. "It’s a good news story and we are so pleased to be able to welcome him."

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Read more: Chile miner rescue the good news story of the decade - VIDEO


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