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The website describes their services as providing outstanding entertainment but what is essentially a small person dressing up in a leprechaun outfit -- but it could cost up to $35,000.

Although the proprietor of the website did not want to divulge what services were rendered for this large amount of cash, he did tell that St. Patrick's Day is their busiest time of year. The man behind the website, Howard, who refused to give his last name said, "We are slammed…The economy sucks. But, hey, everybody wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

The website, which is based in Lansing, Michigan, has been in operation since 1980 and acts as an agency for dwarfs. The men dress as elves for Christmas, cupids for Valentine's Day and, of course, leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day.

As Danny Black, one of the dwarf entertainers said, " Why shouldn't I use my disadvantage to my advantage?"

Happy St. Patrick's Day boys!

Visit our special St. Patrick's Day section