Read more: IRA victim found was one of the ‘Disappeared’

The remains found in County Louth have been confirmed as those of Gerry Evans one of those “Dissappeared” who went missing during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

Gerry Evans from Crossmaglen, went missing in March 1979. His remains were found on October 15, this year, in bog land in Louth.

The Irish Commission for the Location of Victims Remain (ICLVR) said “The results positively indicate that the remains are those of Mr Gerard Evans.

Dr Brian Farrell, Coroner for the City of Dublin has accepted this as evidence of identification and has authorized the release of the remains to the family.

“The thoughts of everyone in the commission are with the Evans family at this difficult time.”

His remains were discovered just before the search of at Carrickrobin was being closed down after 16 months of excavation. Their search stretched on a piece of land the size of four football fields.

The ICLVR was founded in 1999. It obtained information on the location of the remains of the “Disappeared”

Sixteen people were murdered and buried by the republican paramilitaries in isolated areas in Ireland during “The Troubles”. In 1999 the I.R.A. claimed responsibility for nine of them and the INLA claimed the other seven.

Nine bodies are still missing.

Read more: IRA victim found was one of the ‘Disappeared’