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A redheaded Irish man arrested for verbally abusing two Irish police officers claimed he lost his temper after an officer called him “ginger” and that he had endured a “lifetime of prejudice” over the color of his hair.

David O'Brien caught the attention of police when he shouted insults at a novelty photographer in Temple Bar Dublin over the prices he was charging. He then walked in front an unmarked car containing two plain-clothed police officers and a confrontation ensued.

"I have suffered from prejudice all my life as a redhead and I flew off the handle," O'Brien told the court. "I have been bullied and verbally abused. I flew into a rage."

The Dublin man denied the charges and insisted he never verbally abused the photographer and only became abusive towards police when they called him a “ginger”.

"The defendant was giving out over the price," one police officers told the court. "He said to the man, 'you are a robbing b******, charging €10.’ He made references to the man not being Irish."

Both police officers denied referring to O'Brien as “ginger”.

Judge Catherine Murphy found the 23-year-old guilty of charges of breach of the peace and applied the Probation Act pending his contribution of €150 to charity.

READ MORE- First festival of Irish red heads a huge success