In what is possibly the most expensive wedding cake in Irish history, it has been revealed that the cake for Ciara Quinn, daughter of former billionaire Sean Quinn, cost €100,000 during her 2007 wedding. The costly cake was billed to the Quinn Group.

The Irish Independent reports on the staggering bill for the 2007 nuptials between Ciara Quinn and solicitor Niall McPartland. The bill for the cake alone comes in stark contrast to the family’s current financial situation, which forces them to account every bit of money spent to the courts.

The cake for the 2007 wedding was flown in from New York specially for the occasion, and estimated to cost around €250 per slice for the 400 guests in attendance. While the wedding cost an exorbitant amount of money, the wedding party made donations to local charities at the time of the wedding.

At the time of the wedding, Ciara’s father Sean Quinn was said to be the richest man in Ireland with an estimated net worth of €4.6bn.

The cost of the 2007 wedding was charged to a subsidiary of the Quinn Group in the same way that the August 2010 wedding of Aoife Quinn to solicitor Stephen Kelly was. In a TV3 interview this year, Aoife Quinn said she "didn't actually know" who paid for her wedding as "the company took care of everything on our behalf."

The Quinn family declined to comment on the wedding cake or the total cost of the 2007 wedding.

In the wake of a tragic financial collapse, the Quinn family must report to the courts every amount of money they spend. Quinn's son Sean Quinn Jr now resides in prison, and will receive news of his appeal to the Supreme Court next week.

While the family is also embroiled in a number of other legal battles, they are attempting to focus their energy on their “big case" against IBRC, formerly Anglo Irish Bank, where they hope to prove that the empire their father built was taken away from them illegally.


Sean Quinn and family at his daughter's weddingGoogle Images