Irish police are mystified after a property developer missing for eight months was found wandering the road in Leitrim in a distressed state.

Galway resident Kevin Michael McGeever told officers he had no idea what country he was even in when he was dumped on the side of a country road by men in a white van.

His family had reported the property mogul missing last summer when he was placed on official police lists.

McGeever had traded in property in Dubai up to the time of his disappearance according to a report in the Irish Independent newspaper.

Police said the 68-year-old was disorientated and starving when he was discovered wandering aimlessly at the side of a rural road.

The newspaper reports that friends and relatives are said to be both ‘astonished’ and ‘delighted’ at his re-appearance.

The report says that McGeever told police that he had been dropped off at the rural location by a van.

He was unable to recall where he had been for the past eight months since disappearing from his home in Gort.

A Mayo native, McGeever had no money on him when he was found but did have a mobile phone and a torch.

Leitrim councillor Martin Kenny spoke with the couple who found McGeever in the side of the road.
Kenny told the Irish Independent: “He was covered in a plastic bag and wasn’t wearing any shoes.

“He told them he had been dropped off by a number of men in a van and he had been in the van for some time. So it certainly appears that he was being held against his will, and that is what he indicated.

“Where he has been for the past months is anyone’s guess, but it must be a great relief for his family.”

“He was absolutely ravenous. He was extremely thin and not in great shape at all.

“He didn’t know where he was and had to be told he was in Leitrim.”

Kenny added that police had re-visited the rural road outside Ballinamore with the couple to examine the scene where he was found.

McGeever is now receiving treatment at Mullingar Hospital for malnutrition and dehydration.

Police mystified after Kevin Michael McGeever re-appears after he was missing for eight monthsGoogle Images