A South Carolina inmate has filed a petition seeking a DNA test to determine that he is the father of Casey Anthony's dead two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Inmate Christopher Umberger has filed a petition against Anthony. He intends to sue Anthony for Caylee's death. However, the New York Post reports that he has no back up to substantiate his claims.

Fox news have reported that prison officials say Umberger was in prison when Caylee was conceived. However, his case seems to be going forward.

On Sunday, Anthony, who was acquitted of killed her daughter, will be released from prison.



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Umberger's petition was made public on Friday. A hearing was held to determine if Anthony could be deposed for a defamations lawsuit before she is released.

On Friday, Anthony's lawyers also filed a notice of appeal for the four counts of lying to law enforcement official. She was sentenced to four years for these offenses but will be released this Sunday due to good behavior and credit for time served.

Anthony also signed papers announcing that she is broke and will not be able to pay for any further legal services.

The hearing was cut short after just a few minute when Judge Jose Rodriguez recused himself. He did not explain why.


Casey Anthony pictured during the murder trialAP