Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny has ruled out a fresh referendum on the abortion debate.
As his government collates new laws on the issue, Kenny has ruled out the need for a national ballot.

Denying the abortion legislation has caused any rift within Fine Gael or with government partners Labor, Kenny made his feelings clear to the Irish Sun.

He said: “I do not propose to have another referendum. There will be no new rights. The law is not being changed.”

Kenny outlined how the measures being drawn up would protect existing rights that gave equal status under the Constitution to the mother and the unborn.

He added: “The law is being codified and the law when clarified will deal strictly with the Constitution.

“It is a complex matter, it is one which requires sensitivity and understanding.”

Kenny said that the legislation, which is hoped will be ready in draft form for next week’s Cabinet meeting, would ‘deal with the X case and will do so without bringing any new rights here’.

He added: “No woman in Ireland is entitled by choice to have an abortion unless there is a real risk to her life as distinct from her health.”

“In the preparation of any piece of legislation there are numerous drafts prepared. All of these are meaningless until the Heads of the Bill are actually presented to Government by the sponsoring Minister and approved by Cabinet.”