Moneygall continues to bask in the glow of President Obama’s recent visit with major celebrations there on July 4th.

Some local residents have begun referring to their village as Killarney as tourists from all over the world continue to gather in the Offaly town that has become famous because of the president’s visit.

The July 4th celebrations in the town were attended by people from all over Ireland and many Irish Americans also stopped by.



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The weekend along July 4th celebrations marked a new phase for the tiny town that has fast become one of Ireland’s stop off points for tourists.

There are plans for major redevelopments in the town following the Obama visit with new tourist structures included.

The town was given a further boost by Michelle  Obama who told a South African audience that Moneygall remained very clear in her memory and she was deeply moved by the reception she received there.

A police officer walks past a house painted in the colors of the U.S. flag in MoneygallReuters