President Barack Obama held his “first completely virtual interview from the White House” in a bid to connect directly with citizens who will be voting in the Presidential Election in November. However, the President didn’t bet on a random member of the public, called Jennifer, asking him to do a jig for the American people.

The “Google Hangout” was coordinated by Google Plus and chaired from Google headquarters. Members of the public were able to put questions directly to their President.

In a statement released by the White House in advance of the interview they explained that “The interview will be held through a Google+ Hangout, making it the first completely virtual interview from the White House…The president will answer questions submitted by and voted on by over 225,000 people via YouTube."

We can be sure that President Obama got more than he expected.


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The President preceded Jennifer’s question by saying “In most countries you don’t have the sort of comedy and satire about people in power that we do here. And so I don’t know if any of this stuff affects an election but I know it makes our country stronger, that you can make fun of the President or anybody and everybody can get a laugh and that also makes sure to remind me that I work for you guys.”

Next up was Jennifer who said, “Okay you spoke of laughs, I wonder if you could stand up and give us a jig, real quick”.

The president very diplomatically turned down her request saying that Michelle always mocked him when he danced. He didn’t even flinch or comment on what a strange request it was to put to the leader of the free world.

Perhaps her question was in reference to Obama’s Irish roots?

As this was “first completely virtual interview from the White House” it’s plain to see that after such a strange and left field question was asked there may be some reviews of this new medium. What the interview also showed was that Obama is able to answer with style even when asked the strangest questions.

See for yourself here’s the full length interview: