Northern Irish First Minister Peter Robinson said recently that if re-elected, US President Barack Obama will pay a visit to Northern Ireland.

“He was given an invitation to come to Northern Ireland — and I'd be pretty sure that, if he's successful in November, we'll get him in the next term,” First Minister Robinson told the Belfast Telegraph.

Robinson spoke of the possible visit after he and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness met the US President in the White House yesterday. According to Robinson, Obama displayed both a high interest and knowledge in Northern Ireland and its peace process.

Martin McGuinness added that “I think he [Obama] recognizes that every now and again there will be isolated outrages, but that the strength of the process is now unbreakable.”

Robinson and McGuinness met with Obama during their two-day tour of Washington, DC.

US President Barack Obama pictured during his visit to Ireland on May 23, 2011MAXWELLS