Amateur-captured footage shows the dramatic rescue of two fishermen whose boat sank off the coast of County Down.

In a scene that resembled something from a disaster movie, the doomed Snowdonia sinks rapidly into the Irish Sea.

Camera phone footage captured by Airidas Grabauskas, a crew member on a trawler that happened to be passing by, shows the vessel falling apart. 

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In the 2012 incident, skipper Stephen Kearney and his crew mate are seen stranded on their sinking ship.

Lithuania-native Airidas can be heard on the recording directing the stranded fishermen away from the debris to safety.

“Go to this side, go this way here. He is asking you to go...,” men can be heard shouting. 

The two men can be seen trying to leap to safety and escape the ship's impending doom.

Later clips (above) also show a timely helicopter rescue and first aid administration by the Kilkeel inshore lifeboat crew.

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