Locals in County Mayo were baffled when a houseboat washed ashore.

Here is the mind-blowing story of how a vessel from Newfoundland in Canada made it all the way to Ireland.

Almost two years ago, the houseboat washed ashore at Drum Beach, in north County Mayo, causing a lot of head scratching among confused and bewildered locals.

According to RTE News, the houseboat was immediately taken from the sea by Mayo County Council.

The boat was built by a man called Rick Small. The outlet reported that one of the walls inside the boat contains an inscription from Small, who wanted the boat to be used by a homeless person so that they could live rent free without the pressure of bills.

Mayo / Canadian Houseboat on dry land for the night. Decision as to what happens next rests with Mayo County Council. More on @rtenews pic.twitter.com/OZKVGASvO0

— Pat McGrath (@patmcgrath) November 14, 2016

The solar paneled boat was painted with tar in order to weatherproof its wooden exterior. Considering the substantial journey from Canada to Ireland, it was reportedly in "relatively good condition".

Canadian houseboat washes up on Mayo beach pic.twitter.com/HuhmqlDwbY

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) November 15, 2016

Operator Michael Hurst of Ballyglass Coast Guard described the discovery as “the strangest thing I’ve ever come across”.

He told the Journal that environmentalist named Rick Small, who had previously achieved fame for riding 7,000 km across Canada on a three-wheeled bicycle powered by solar panels, was often attempting to help the homeless with plans like this.

In a bizarre (and troubling) twist, adventurer Rick Small was never heard from!

Rodney Mercer, a member of the Foxtrap Marina in Newfoundland, told Canadian newspaper The Star said that he met Small, an advocate of “green self-sustaining” living, after he completed his nationwide journey on the aforementioned bicycle.

“His goal was to cross the Atlantic in this self-sustainable boat, if you call it that,” Mercer said.

According to Mercer, Small disassembled materials from his bike to use and collected lumber to start creating a houseboat.

“He had a clear idea what he was building and what he wanted to do. Surprised to see it set adrift with that note. Something must have changed drastically for this to happen,” he said.

No news stories have been written about Small since 2016 when the boat was discovered. 

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