Pope Francis has quickly become one of the most admired world leaders.

It’s been obvious since his election in March 2013 that the leader of the Roman Catholic Church is a firm favorite with all generations.

Recently the pontiff kissed a child among the crowd in the Vatican, but this was no ordinary child.

The parents of 19-month-old Daniele De Sanctis dressed the boy as a little pope in the hope that Pope Francis would notice their son.

The toddler looked at home running around St Peter's Square, with the attire to match Pope Francis.

Pope Francis' "mini-me" visited the Vatican for Carnival, a festive period just prior to Lent.

Unfortunately, 19-month-old Daniele was less pleased to see the pope, and began to cry in the pontiff's arms.

Daniele's mother Paola Ciabattini said she dressed her son as a pope to demonstrate her affection for Pope Francis.