Enda Kenny’s Fine Gael party would win an overall majority if the Irish Prime Minister called a snap General Election.

A new opinion poll for the Sunday Independent newspaper reports that Kenny’s majority partners in the current coalition would gain power in their own right.

The telephone poll was conducted amongst 500 voters all across Ireland by the Quantum Research group just three months after the last election sent Fine Gael and the Labor Party to power.

The new poll results indicate that Fine Gael would win an overall majority if a general election was held now with 45 per cent support, up 18 points from the last comparable poll in January.

Kenny’s honeymoon with the electorate is continuing despite the negative reaction to the jobs initiative announced last week that will be paid for with a levy on private pensions.

Analysts believe the impending arrivals of Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama have boosted support for Kenny and his party colleagues in government.

The positive feedback is also seen as a boost for Kenny at a time when he is still trying to secure a reduction in the interest rates charged to Ireland under the IMF/EU bail-outs.

The junior coalition partners in the Labor Party are down 18 points in support to 16 per cent with Fianna Fail down one to seven per cent.

Sinn Fein are also down at six per cent, two points below their last result, with the Greens at one per cent, Independents down four to seven per cent and don’t knows up four to 18 per cent.

Enda Kenny greets the press outside Irish government buildingsGoogle Images