Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny will travel to the U.S. on a trade mission at the end of next week, and though his itinerary includes a visit to New York from December 1-3, Kenny has no plans at the present time to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. The two leaders had discussed the possibility of a visit during Kenny’s congratulatory phone call to Trump shortly after the election, but plans have not been made.  However, Kenny and Trump had a cordial phone call in which Trump said he would continue the tradition of hosting the Irish taoiseach at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day, so a meeting next week wouldn’t be surprising.

Kenny will also visit Silicon Valley on his trip as part of the trade mission. The taoiseach spoke with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Friday for 15 minutes about immigration reform and foreign direct investment in Ireland. “The taoiseach also expressed that it was his intention to engage positively with the new administration on a number of issues to the mutual benefit of Ireland and the U.S.,” a statement from Kenny’s office said.