There is lots of misinformation on immigrant issues and whether or not immigration helps America. Here are some real facts and figures partly taken from the Huffington Post.

1. Immigrants start and run successful businesses. Think Jerry Yang, from Taiwan, at Yahoo or Sergey Brin, from Russia, at Google or, Steve Jobs’ hero, the legendary Andrew Grove former CEO of Intel, from Hungary.

2. Deporting all the 11 million undocumented would cost $2.6 trillion says CNBC and is utterly unfeasible.

3. Undocumented workers currently pay in $15 billion to social security. That sum could increase exponentially if they were working legally.

4. Silicon Valley thrives on immigrants. One quarter of all start-ups are created by immigrants.

5. Immigrants generally are twice as likely as Americans to start a small business. Look around your neighborhood.

6. More work for Americans. Immigrant owned businesses create 4.7 million jobs yearly.

7. Neighborhoods abandoned because of violence are often brought back to life by immigrants. settling there. There was even a proposal by former Mayor Bloomberg in New York to try immigrant resettlement in Detroit.

8. While public benefits for immigrants would cost $ 23 billion they would contribute $48 billion by one estimate.

9. Without immigrants doing many of the dirtiest jobs in society such as in animal butchering plants and back bending fruit picking, there would be massive food shortages.

10. Someone in everyone’s family was an immigrant to America at some point.